Modeling and programming all in one:
reliable, simple and dynamic

UML Lab offers software developers a complete and reliable adjustment of source code and diagrams. For the first time, software architects and developers can make use of the benefits of both worlds: fully flexible modeling and programming. The problem of changing from design to implementation – and back again – is solved by UML Lab smoothly and reliably. Our innovative Round-Trip-EngineeringNG reduces development time of implementation and maintenance and supports the documentation and quality assurance of complex software projects.

Comprehensive code generation templates offer cost-efficient expertise in the form of pattern and best practices. Complete reverse engineering enables an abstract overview and supports documentation of software projects with UML. Through Round-Trip-EngineeringNG software developers gain the greatest possible flexibility and speed in implementation and maintenance of software. Customization of templates implements business or project-specific guidelines in a target-oriented way and minimizes project risks. Labor-intensive manual adjustment of design diagrams and implementation is rendered unnecessary; design and implementation of software remain consistent at all times.

Customers’ benefit?
Time, money and reliability

Through the innovative combination of modeling and programming UML Lab utilizes the full potential of model-based software development. Software development projects become simpler, faster and more cost-efficient. Project managers gain a higher value. The overview and flexible automation that are provided, save valuable development time, avoid error sources and support documentation for maintenance and care of software.

UML Lab offers a cost-efficient and reliable solution for object-oriented software development. Round-Trip-EngineeringNG allows simple individual customizing. Combined with our advisory capacity, customers receive a comprehensive tool solution that implements business and project-specific guidelines. Through individual adjustment, UML Lab generates and processes source code for user-defined target languages and code styles. We integrate UML Lab into customer tool chains and adapt the tool to individual development processes. That way, our UML Lab tool suite exceeds our customers' expectations even in complex software projects.