Round-Trip-Engineering NG

Next Generation Round-Trip-Engineering

Round-Trip-Engineering NG

Round-Trip-Engineering denotes the continuous alignment between source code and diagram. Code generation and Reverse Engineering take place in real-time. Ideally both components are tightly integrated so that developers can flexibly work on both levels.

Up to now, sophisticated tool support for Round-Trip-Engineering was missing, leading to numerous problems:

  • Common Reverse-Engineering usually conveys source code directly into diagrams in a one-to-one manner. As this way the diagram is crowded with implementation details, the visual presentation loses its added value.
  • If code templates are modified to match company- or project-specific needs, common approaches do no longer allow Reverse- or Round-Trip-Engineering.
  • Hand-written source code is usually not recognized, hence leaving the model incomplete and unsuitable for software maintenance. Manual changes in the generated code are often overridden by code generation. The common solution to disallow such changes is inflexible and does not meet changing customer requirements. Even simple source code Refactoring is prohibited thereby.
  • Round-Trip-Engineering is currently only applied for structural system aspects. If additionally code for operational aspects should be generated, e.g. specified using sequence diagrams, no Round-Trip support is available up to now.

These and additional problems and deficiencies of model-based software development are solved by Next Generation’s Round-Trip-Engineering (Round-Trip-EngineeringNG) – elegantly and reliably. Source code and model stay continuously and fully aligned even with specifically adapted templates. Diagrams remain simple and clear without losing the source code’s implementation details. Software architects and developers can flexibly work both on source code or diagram level. Changes are constantly propagated between these levels and therefore cannot get lost.

UML Lab is the first tool ever to support Round-Trip-EngineeringNG . Take advantage from next generation mode-based software development today!